Friday, September 11, 2009

moving the blog

Ok Dennis got it set up and I am figuring it out. The new blog will be at:

I am hoping to get time tonight to start uploading pictures there. And I will slowly add the old blog to it.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Dennis is working on what to do about the blog. Ao still no new pictures.

We went to MI we walked the bridge and it was beautiful. I loved it! The kids loved it and then we drove back home. The kids started school yesterday. Matthew today. Mini is napping as what else do you do whenyou have no one to fight with. It is quiet in my house. I am doing laundry and cleaning and sewing. Other then that I am soaking in the quiet here.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Getting ready

I am busy packing. I am busy cleaning. I am busy going slowly insane.

I did get my run in for the night though and so I packed my shoes so I can run in MI. I am signing up for a 5 mile race in October. And I plan to run at least a half marathon come June. Yea I know. But after 7 weeks of running I am really starting to love it again. I have this love hate thing going on with it but it is getting to be more love now.

Anyway I got all my sewing done and I have all my stuff together for the kids to start school. I am just lining all the things up to pack in the car. As Dennis and Stephen are off riding bikes and they borrowed my car to go.

So I will be quiet till at least Tuesday. Miss me!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Matthew Matthew Matthew

My Matthew fell on a bowling ball yesterday. He cut open under his chin. he went to visit the ER and they superglued him back together. It came apart last night. They redid the superglue.

Today it was still seeping blood and puss so they looked at it. He is alright. Just getting rid of the swelling it has. Let it be and take care of my man.

Tonight he goes to open house. He will meet his teacher and drop off all his junk. He is soo excited! He wanted to leave an hour ago. He has 3 more hours to go.

We leave for MI on Thur morning. I hope to know what I am doing with the blog by time we come home. As I know just me typing is not that exciting!

But no pictures as blogger hates me.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

got to figure out what to do

Google sas I hae to many pctures up here. I may have to hae Denis transfer this blog to somewhere else. Or I cna not add any mre pictures withot buyig mre space. So for now there are no more pctures coming.

Hiking with the boys

Everyone but the boys tried to stay dry.

It does not seem to hae een too hard.

But by the looks of it the views made up for any wet feet.

because the falls are beautiful

The first day up there the boys went for a hike. It was not only boys who got hot and tired.

But they went on like little troopers.

And they hiked just shy of 4 miles.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I would have pictures

There would be pictures in this post. But you see my computer husband touched my system and now it says I do not have rights to look at my pictures. So understand it is not me who you should ask why there are no new pictures. It is the husband.

And until he fixes it you willnot get any new ones either.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Getting ready to leave

getting ready to leave with 12 boys and 5 adults is not an easy task. Hooking up the trailer.
Loading the trailer it all takes time. And at 7:30am it seems to be that much harder.

They just got this on the trailer. It is a list of our Eagles from the troop.
Anyway after an hour they were loaded and headed out to the great North!